Hyper Futuristic Sci-Fi Racer Lightfield Comes to PS4 September 26

Hyper Futuristic Sci-Fi Racer Lightfield Comes to PS4 September 26


Hi, that is Simon from Lost within the Garden, a small indie staff from Vienna, Austria. Today we’re very excited to after all percentage the inside track that our recreation Lightfield will land on PS4 September 26th. It’s a sci-fi racing recreation with native and on-line multiplayer, and we will be able to’t wait to look and listen to your reactions as soon as it is going reside!

We have put our hearts and souls into our first undertaking, which we describe as a hyper futuristic racing recreation with a parkour twist. The key function in Lightfield is that you’ll power on any floor, together with partitions and ceilings. This makes gameplay very other to every other racing recreation in the market.

Lightfield on PS4

Lightfield on PS4Lightfield on PS4

The talent to fly/power on any floor signifies that there isn’t only one unmarried quickest path via each and every monitor. Instead there’s a plethora of various paths that mean you can specific your personal distinctive taking part in taste. If you check out the screenshots right here, each and every one of the most positive white strains is a prior participant’s trail!

This function additionally signifies that designing the tracks and the environments is significant. In Lightfield, we don’t constrain the gamers to simply usual races on each and every monitor. Instead, you’ll wander away to easily discover the environments and use them as your hyperfuturistic playground.

When designing the degrees and environments, we labored in tandem at the glance and useful sides. Julia, our technical artist and stage dressmaker, started to ‘gray field’ the degrees at an early degree. This signifies that the tracks are first constructed out of easy gray containers – therefore the title! The function is to succeed in one thing playable extraordinarily temporarily, that may then be playtested and subtle to make sure the structure is spot on. At the similar time, Raimund, our artwork director, labored on the concept that artwork that provides our worlds a herbal and cohesive really feel. This follows a holistic manner, the place you will need to seize the feel and appear of the tracks with a purpose to form the overall visible enjoy.

The tracks and environments are the principle characters in our recreation – but even so the participant in fact! – and we’d love to introduce two of them these days, one in all which we haven’t proven publicly thus far.

The first monitor I’d love to exhibit is within the particles zone. It options a mixture of fractured mechanical constructions and likewise natural topic together with rocks and asteroids. You’ll see a cave with sparkling crimson bubbles and blue-green crystals – indubitably an eyecatcher! – and inexperienced, twisted plant-like spirals deliver a complete new gameplay component to the in a different way harshly damaged and difficult surfaces.

Lightfield - Lost Structure

Lightfield - Lost StructureLightfield - Lost Structure

Lightfield - Lost Structure

The 2nd surroundings I’d like to focus on here’s our water planet. Its floor is ruled through an infinite ocean and there are massive area station like constructions that drill into the planet in massive tunnels to reap its assets. The super-structure that we’re taking part in on is above a kind of massive tunnels, and the monitor takes the participant no longer simplest in the course of the constitution but in addition shoots them into one of the most tunnels and again once more.

Lightfield - Water Planet

Lightfield - Water PlanetLightfield - Water Planet

Even even though there’s a small quantity of textual content or description within the recreation, we are hoping that the tracks and environments each and every inform their very own tale, and that they invent a hyperfuturistic and summary environment for the gamers.

It has been an overly thrilling endeavour for us 4 thus far, and we’re eagerly expecting your comments whilst you see the environments after which in fact on September 26 when the sport is after all launched!

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